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09 November 2010

Okay i'm gonna elaborate everything here!
Woke up @ 7.45a.m. and it was raining heavily, so i prayed later please don't rain while i'm at BBQ pit cause it will ruin everything.
Never know, it stopped @ 8a.m pulse.
So Jiajun and Jianping came to my house and prepared and packed everything.
Went down to Block 278 waited for the BBQ delivery man to come.
So he came in a truck @ 11.30a.m., haha he's a funny guy!
Took everything and paid him, they forgot to give me extra butter but it's okay.
Around 12p.m., it rained a little so we needa take a cover first before everything gets wet!
Not long after, Esther and Xiwen came and left to buy our cakes! ^^
30min or an hour the rain stopped and we went back to the pit and started organising everything properly.
Trying to start a fire was veryvery difficult but Cheng Hwee(another birthday boy) came and settled everything!
Managed to start a fire around 2p.m. pulse, and we decided to cook our lunch first before all of my friends come. ^^

Around 4p.m. to 5p.m. pulse, I got the first call and it was Putra!
Yeah they're coming! But they took the wrong bus HAHA. Nevermind.
So they took 30min to 1 hour to come the BBQ pit. LOL!
Went to bus stop and fetched Putra, Athena, Saiful, Jun Hui, Nishanth and Fadli!
They're my first guest! :D
Not long after, Ryni called me. So i went to Block 272 to wait for her.. but.. she's already @ the pit and didn't told me. -.- , made me waited for nothing! LOL!
Then Minwei called me said that they're coming! I was SOO FREAKING excited to see her face yaknow?! Hahahah!
Waited @ bus stop and there they are!
Min wei was very beautiful today and night! :D
Brought them to the pit and they talked among themselves.
Then, Adha came without telling me! LOLLLLLLL!
So the party was starting at that moment! I was sooo happy!
Few more minutes later, Jing Yi, Zoelyn and Kai Yun cameeeee!
Then followed by Michelle to Ariffino and Neniel to Darren to Bernard to Wilfred and Alan.
Was playing Fadli's guitar! I was so high @ that time seriously.
And one of the best part is.. I sang the song "Just The Way You Are" with guitar to Min wei.
Min wei was so embarrassed by me, hehehehe! After i sang that song, everyone cheers for me! :D
So all my friends were BBQ-ing, chatting, playing a fool with me~! ^^v

Getting close to 8p.m.(cut cake time), I rushed back home and bathed and changed everything to make myself handsome. ^^
Then Cheryl and Seri finally came and it was just nice when we were gonna cut cake!
Received lots of different presents! I was so freaking happy like hell!
Cake cutting time was started, we took photos.
After i had sliced and gave the cakes to everyone.
Suddenly, someone pulled my shoulder and BOOOM! My face was BASHED!
My whole face was filled with creams! My hair too! (I CAN'T EVEN SEE A THING!)
Min wei offered me lots of tissues, i'm glad. =)
After i cleaned up my face, then followed by ICES and WATER!
Waaaaa, i was sooooo freaking sad case!
Cheng Hwee! HAHAHAHAHAH! I was one of them who bashed him too! ^^
After those bashing times, we were on BBQ-ing again.
Some of my friends gonna rush back home, so i shaked hands with everyone who was leaving. =)

BBQ-ing till 10p.m. pulse, Min wei, Jaslyn and Tequila need to go back.
So i sent them to the 804 bus stop.
While sending them, Tequila and Jaslyn gave me a chance to talk to her on purpose.
So sweet of them helping me to make a private time with her. :)
I chatted with her till the bus stop and they left just like that.

Walked back to the pit, and Saiful gonna go.
Adha and Nishanth too.
So left me, Esther, JiaJun, Darren, and Bernard.
Madeline, esther's sister who's my cousin too came on the last minute.
We chatted and sang songs together happily till 2a.m. pulse.
Darren and Jiajun accompanied me home although i'm not birthday boy anymore due to over 12a.m.~ HAHA
Reached home, bathed and I was so freaking EXHAUSTED!
But i wanna thanks all of my friends, so i sent personal messages to all of my friends.
Till 3a.m. pulse, i slept.

Seriously, I really don't want an ending from today and night.
Just a moment before they go, at least i did really enjoyed everything.
Thanks for everything to my friends. I really love you guys, all of you are just so awesome till i can't explain.

To this 29 people that came on my birthday party.
You guys really made my day, I really love you guys although i was bashed amazingly with cakes, creams, ices and water.
Thanks for making me so happy and living in happiness today and night.
Yours Sincerely,


Thanks, I really love today and night.
It's one of my best day ever.



17 September 2010

To see all the pictures @ http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/album.php?aid=207101&id=750917671
Farewell Speech: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/video/video.php?v=437141007788&ref=mf
Today Graduation Ceremony was very very very touching and sad!
4 years down the road of Secondary School Life finally come to an end.
Seriously I just can't bear to leave this school.. although I hated to go to school early in the morning to study but I really love those fun times spent with classmates, schoolmates and teachers.
But "School Life" are memories that need to be left behind.
Mostly all my classmates had cried, even for my form teacher!
I was nearly going to cry when the farewell speech was given.
Sooooooo unbearable at that moment, eyes became heavy, heart can't breathe properly.
Just wanna say, gone too soon.


05 September 2010

Won't be using computer till N level ends!
Left one more day to my national exams!
All the best to me!
God, please let me do well for my national exams and i'll always be yours!

Hope this goodluck song could gives me some good marks!

P.S: Sorry for the wrong lyric, and i'm just wanna release some stresses hehehe!


01 September 2010

This is for my secondary school classmate, Nishanth.
What he told me on Teacher's Day Celebration let me know that he's still sick, not any illness but just lovesick.
Move on, bro!
I'm singing this song becoz he's a number one fan of Justin Bieber. lol.

P.S: Sorry for my amateur guitar skills and wrong lyric! ><


29 August 2010

Happy birthday to our music legend!
I may have sang and play it awfully but it's just my little dedication to him.
Rest In Paradise, Michael.Jackson
29/08/1958 - 25/06/2009


27 August 2010

Human nature cover.

Teacher's Day Rehearsal [1] 2010: You Are Not Alone.


23 August 2010

Music practice.
Fasting month had started for the Malays.
Me too! I didn't eat for the whole afternoon, yet still practicing.
But we had a lot of fun.
P.S: We do not have much voice to sing..


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